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Back Massage


For our hotel guests, the massage is available between 08:00 and 16:00. External guests can also apply for massages. We offer a -20% discount for residents of Zánka, and a -15% discount for those with a holiday home in Zánka!

To book an appointment, please visit the reception, or call the number +36 70 626 6336.

Tell us what you crave and our excellent massage therapist make complete your spa trip with combining the various techniques.

We recommend the following types of massage:


Permanent Contour

Today's most popular massage!

The masseur works with vegetable oil rich in vitamins and enzymes, consisting of 19 types of alpine medicinal oils. /Among others, it contains jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, black cumin seed oil,  primrose oil, aloe vera oil, sesame oil and the heavenly scented rose and orange ylang ylang oil.

This is the best type of massage nowadays. The masseur treats the lovely guest with a heat therapy herbal pillow. All of these reduce inflammation in the bone system, joints and rheumatic complaints. It delays aging, strengthen the immune system, and is a special remedy for stretch marks. The treatment is painless.


The price of the massage:

50 minutes - 24.500 HUF

25 minutes - 17.500 HUF


 Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one of the most commonly used treatments, which aims to relieve stress, relax muscles, increase blood circulation and detoxify.

It is a type of massage of medium strength, the masseuse works from feet to neck.

Oil used: Yogi oil

The price of the massage:

50 minutes - 13,000 HUF

Relaxing Massage

Refreshing massage

It releases the tension locked in the muscles, reduces the feeling of fatigue, and also has a disease-preventing effect.

Oil used: herbal oil

The price of the massage:

50 minutes - 13.500 HUF


Back Massage

Relaxing massage

Massage of the head, back and neck as well,  a relaxing type of massage used to treat anxiety problems.

Oil used: vanilla, green tea or forest fruit oil.

The price of the massage:

50 minutes - 14.000 HUF


Fat burning cellulite massage

A strong type of massage that focuses primarily on massaging the legs, thighs, buttocks, waist and abdomen. The back part is definitely left out.
The masseur massages with capsaicin preparation and paprika oil.

The price of the massage:
50 minutes - 17.000 HUF



Ayurvedic massage

First, the masseur discusses the problems with the patient, then massages from the top of the head to the neck behind the ears, top of the shoulders, hooded muscles, arms, fingers, and hips. The masseur works with 2 types of oil. On the head with mint oil, then on the rest of the body with fragrant herbal oil.

The price of the massage:

50 minutes - 16.000 HUF

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