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Massage Gastro Package







Time duration of the package: 10:00-17:00

The package price/person and package contents depend on the type of massage chosen:

A) Swedish massage /50 mins/

Relieving stress, relaxing muscles, increasing blood circulation, and detoxification.

Package price: HUF 26,600/person

B) Therapeutic massage /50 mins/

Deeper than the Swedish massage, especially in problem areas.

Package price: HUF 28,600/person

C) Ayurvedic massage /50 mins/

First, the masseur discusses his problems with the patient, then massages from the top of the head to the neck behind the ears, top of the shoulders, hooded muscles, arms, fingers, and hips.

Package price: HUF 29,600/person

D) Fat burning cellulite massage /50 mins/

Massaging legs, thighs, buttocks, waist and abdomen with a capsaicin preparation.

Package price: HUF 31,600/person

E) Permanent Contour Massage /50 mins/

The best type of massage today. The masseuse treats the lovely guest with a heat therapy herbal pillow. All of these reduce inflammation in the bone system, joints, rheumatic complaints, delay aging, strengthen the immune system, and are a special remedy for stretch marks and stretch marks. 

Package price: HUF 36,600/person

- All selected packages include the use of the sunbeds on top of the Zen lake and the SASA bar, a two-course lunch at the Bamboo Bistro.

- The price of an accompanying adult is 13,600 HUF, for accompanying children up to the age of 0-3 it is free, up to the age of 3-10 it is 6,600 HUF

Application and payment conditions:

- the program starts every day in the months of July and August, if a minimum of 1 person applies

- please indicate your intention to participate in advance by phone (+36 70 626 6336) or by e-mail (, no later than 5 p.m. the day before

- upon arrival, you must check in at the Zen Garden Resort reception

-the price of the package must be paid at the reception upon arrival

- food and drink consumption beyond the package must be paid for at the Bamboo Bistro

- other services beyond the package (e.g. SUP, kayak, e-boat rental) must be paid at the reception upon departure

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