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Cookie Policy


The current policy pertains to the cookies used on the site (hereinafter as "website"), operated by Zánkazen Kft. (address: Hungary - 1121 Budapest, Alkony út 9.). Please closely read the policy before using the website.




Cookies are IT data, files or fragments of information (including, yet not limited to, text files), which are stored on the user's computer (or other devices with an internet access, such as smart phones or tablets) when visiting a website. Cookies are created by the web server with the help of the browser on the user's computer, where they are stored in a dedicated folder. The cookies are then sent to the web server every single time the website in question is loaded, allowing the browser to load the website in the future according to the user's preferences, under full anonymity.



The main purpose of cookies is to enhance the user experience and thus allow for the easier usage, customization and faster loading of the website. Also, we can use cookies to prepare anonymous, compiled statistics, which allows us to better understand how people use our website, which helps us improve its structure and content. The information compiled in this manner is anonymous and is solely used for the development of the website.



We use two kinds of cookies on our website: so-called "temporary (session) cookies”, which remain on the device until the user leaves the website or logs out, and stored "fixed" cookies, which remain on your device depending on their lifespan and settings, or until the cookies are manually deleted by the user from his or her device. The possible use of cookies tied to partner websites is always determined by the partner's relevant policy.



The data gathered by cookies is solely used to improve user experience as well as to operate the website according to individual settings without providing or forwarding this information to any third parties.



You can change your cookie settings through your browser. You can disable the use of cookies by activating the setting in your browser that allows you to refuse the placement of all or certain cookies. These settings are usually available in your browser's "settings" or "preferences" menu.

Use the following links to learn more:


Firefox: https: // redirectlocale = en-US & redirectslug = Cookies?

Internet Explorer: Visit and enter "cookies" in the search engine.

Safari: Visit and type "cookies" into the search engine.



The default setting of most browsers allows for the use of cookies. These default settings may be modified by blocking cookies and requesting a notification on the kind of cookies used by the website you visited. For further information, or to adjust your settings, please refer to the Help function of your browser or the settings menu of your mobile device. Blocking cookies or forbidding their use in some other way could lead to the impaired function of the website.






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