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Balaton offers year-round experiences: beaching, festivals, fine wine drinking or hiking. Nature shows different faces in every season so it's worthwhile to plan more short trips throughout the year. The largest lake in Central Europe has many special attractions such as Tapolca Cave for underwater boating experience, the thousand year old Benedictine Abbey in Tihany or stone seas reminiscent of geographic history.



For lovers of the natur the Balaton Uplands offers endless sights. Take an excursion in the Kali Basin or in Tihany at the geyser cones, or visit one of the countless lookouts in the area, all for a lasting experience. The Lake Cave of Tapolca has been enticing to adventure for more than a century. Feel the tranquility of centuries-old cedars, an enchanting view over the lake Balaton and taste the wines of the Folly Arboretum.





The Balaton region has been inhabited since ancient times that's the reason why there are relics from almost every historical period. The area offers numerous attractions from the Benedictine Abbey in Tihany, the Kinizsi Castle in Nagyvázsony or the 19th century district of Balatonfüred to the renewed Szigliget Castle.

Discover the city of queens, explore the narrow streets and spacious squares of Veszprém. The world's largest porcelain producer the Herend Porcelain Manufactory has been operating in the Bakony Mountains for almost 200 years .




Since Roman times grapes and wine have been an important part of the everyday lives of the people living in the Balaton region.  There are more and more culinary events at Lake Balaton every year. Harvest festivals, wine weeks, wine holidays await wine lovers. Along with the sopisthicated wine gastronomy of the region the markets for local flavors and products are now inevitable such as the market in Kápantalantóti or in Tihany.



Balatonfüred tempts with colorful programs year round. One of the most famous events is the Anna Ball which takes place on the last Saturday of July each year in Balatonfüred.

Veszprém hosts a prestigious musical event in every July and the Paloznak Jazz Picnic also attracts more and more visitors, as well.

Great events await the guests of Lake Balaton at the Valley of Arts Cultural Festival. There's a must see program for families with children in Veszprém to discover the continuously renewing Veszprém Zoo.